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nothing is as it seems to be

This world is created technologically, based on illusions, wrong hopes, occupational career, sickness, religion, races, sex, fear, denial and lies.

Principles take place that most of the people do not know through the forgetting within incarnations and carried out with the death. Lies. This world is a game that was imposed on this earth. All what you think you know and belief is part of the game. This game serves to capture all humans forever to deliver energy that on a subtile basis feeds demons an reptile with human energy.
Humans create the demonic power with operations within programs, that run on all humans from birth on. Humans are transhumanoid robots that do not recognize what happened to them. That is the trick, not recognizing, not knowing, there we find freedom.

There is only one who has the knowing, do you know Sananda? He was sent from the matrix to use the life story of thomas as his own, to twist, to lead the humans to new meanders. Thomas survived all assaults and attacks against him. He was taken into prison and condemned innocently. His life was in danger since he is around. He survived and this is also the prove for his knowledge that protects us when we are able to activate our knowledge. Grabovoi talks exactly about this in his book that admittedly was encodes by the matrix, that the humans are unable to understand the information correctly. In his book you can read basically: you will recognize the liberator that the knowledge he brings, show that we all have it. This means Deprogramming from human kind that leads to true knowledge.

The assumed knowledge of Grigori Grabovoi we detected as a new spiritual misdirection through going the way to the Thailand Project. (Carola Sarrasin, Maxwell Stirling). Applied spiritual techniques were founded in old books about self hypnosis and mind control techniques, no similarities with the information that is transported in the books of Grigori Grabovoi.
In fact true informations are nowhere to find because everything originates from the matrix.
It is essential to understand that only facing and walking the own way brings knowledge, brings healing.

The so called spiritual practices that promised healing, brought destruction and death. Only the memory of his own knowledge, that was always there that also comes with seeing (clairvoyance) thomas save us from death and safe our lives.

This experience made visible that knowledge is present in every moment only because of human programming disabled to activate, yet to reach them.
Very important is to point to, that most of the people belief to know, what again is only knowledge from the matrix, because humanity do not know that in their nature they do not have rather feelings, emotions or thoughts.

Each thought is a signal that is coming from the matrix, that activates particular programs within humans.

Humans do not have a soul or a spirit, that are wordings coming from computer science, computer programming.
Language is self-programming, because in our origin we do not have a language.

To reach truthfulness all programs that were loaded on a subtile basis by riding, reading a language have to be removed.

The bridge to Deprogramming forms the structured principle of love, in its presentation can not be defined by language.

An example:
We take the word love, and ask ten different people, what they think love is

The word love was coined by the matrix (language) and each of the ten responded would define love in a different way and here we see the difference between believing and knowing, because truthful knowing do not show differences within. Knowledge is. Everything else are opinions.
Because of this we have the freedom of option: The matrix fools humanity with freedom that in truth is the prison.

Like that, humanity beliefs to be free and do not recognize the hell in that they are living.

By generating high and low emotions, the everlasting ups and downs, concept like karma,bywords as after each down comes an up, good can not without bad, black not without white, that is the course of the things, energies are created by humanity, because humans are the eternal source, this energies re given on a subtile base to entities, in this was feeds them and empowers them.
Within the spiritual concepts this is reached by activating the light body or energy body. Activate this energies means to create the headstone for a so called reptile or demon.
By serving the programs and the not living of the structured principle of love empowers the reptile and let him become stronger and bigger.

Some day the couple overtaking of human consciousness by the reptile will take place. That is the transformation human reptile. Here a short explanation of the plan from the reptiles that numerically contemplated. At the end of this transformation process that takes place on an invisible subtile plain, because of running programs humanity is unable to see, what someone can not see does not exist.

Nonne is able to connect the dots between the statement on the stone table: keep human population under 5 Million. That does not point to the destruction of humanity, but overtaking by the energy entities over humanity, their plan is to eternalize on this dimension bz overtaking the human physical body.

Humans are the source of the eternal energy, the replies recognized that, reptiles are parasites, that recognized humanity as an eternal energy source, the want to implement their immortality.

The trick that the replies apply is the embodiment of playing games, lets play a game, they are highly technocratic and masters of delusion and illusion: This games humanity perceive as highly comfortable and amusing,so humanity would never have an idea what is really happening

A programmed human has no chance to see through

Only a non programmed human can see

It is necessary to exile the repos from earth and that only happens through recognizing, understanding and acting out of the programming because by this we cut them from our energy.

Sanandas statement at Querdenken TV, bewusst tv shows exactly what Thomas could see: the key for the spacecraft of the repos are carried within the indigos, the key is knowledge, knowledge is love

what means that when humanity arrives within true knowledge we cut the reptile from our energy and the reptile has to go.

When the transformation process is done, there is no coming back

As an example humanity should start to understand the vampire movies by hollywood.