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About UBC


Honorable Society 

Members can be all humans that want to live the structure of love and take the own responsibility for life, to de-program themselves to arrive within the structure of love.

The result is the membership and participation in a very new way of life to exemplify the structure of love through ones own life. In the actions you will recognize them. Action. You have to see the way, you have to walk the way, there is freedom. 

The una bella compania supports humans world wide as a federation in establishing spots all around the world that truthful humans can pass this way as study on distance to others and also pass their way as an impulse to others. In this way the knowledge goes from one to the other and will spread all around the world. Only humans who already walked their own path are able to be a member in the UBC and pass the knowledge to others. The Deprogramming to experience yourself finally as a free human and loose the life as a thinking robot.